Behind the Scenes at Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio

Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio re-opened in mid-June, after a COVID-19 closure that lasted weeks.  Within days of the re-opening, social media channels flooded with photos and videos, all posted by visitors.

  • Photos of the sun setting behind the rolling hills of Paso Robles
  • Videos of over 58,000 blue, pink, green, and purple solar lights blooming across the landscape, outlined by majestic oak trees
  • Photos of guests interacting with the art, technology, and the nature

Munro spent thirty years making notes and drawings in his artist sketchbooks. He noted both his interactions and those of others, with music, light, nature, and science. Behind the scene of today’s experience is a foundation of more than thirty years of thought, meditation, and craft. Your reaction of delight is a study in human interaction with art.

Munro was first criticized as a daydreamer. Today, Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio is just the immersive four-hour experience we all need in 2020.

Let’s take a walk behind the scenes of Sensorio and the experiential artwork…

Behind the Scenes at Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio, Paso Robles, California

The New York Times slated Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio and Paso Robles as #6 in its “52 Places to Go” in 2020.   Browse through both national and local stories, and you will note that all suggest that this family-friendly experience is a bucket list must.

Artist Bruce Munro’s first Field of Light exhibition bloomed in 2004. Since then, Munro has created many others worldwide. Paso Robles landowner, Ken Hunter, first experienced Munro’s Field of Light Uluru in Australia. Immediately, Hunter knew that his 15 acres in California would make the perfect location for a Munro exhibition.

Sensorio is a destination for entertainment, exploration, meditation, and adventure. In addition to the natural landscape, Hunter noticed that it was also the perfect place to watch the sunset. Pair the setting sun and large-scale light installation, and you have today’s encounter.

Waiting for the Sunset

Each night at Sensorio includes live music performed by local artists. Sit on the lawn or at a picnic table and enjoy dinner with music and a view. Pick an entree or a snack from any of the three food trucks on-site.

Paso Robles is known for its over 350 vineyards and wineries. Visitors to the region often spend the weekend exploring wineries, breweries, and farm-to-table eateries before arriving at Sensorio.  As a hat-tip to the community, you will find many regional favorite wines and craft beer served at the Sensorio Airstream Bar.

With music, local food, and craft beverages, waiting for the sunset becomes a memorable evening experience.

Thousands of Solar-Powered Lights

Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio hosts more than 58,000 solar-powered, fiber optic lights.

As you walk along the half-mile trail, you are surrounded by a field of strategically placed lights. The path is ADA compliant and open for the enjoyment of all guests. Imagine moving through a meadow of lit wildflowers, outlined by the silhouettes of oak trees and rolling hills. Along the trail, take a moment to sit and meditate or daydream. Remember, there are thirty years of Munro’s dreams behind this light-filled experience.

The hundreds of photographs and videos often posted by visitors on social media is the inspiration behind this story.  Although professional photography is not allowed, be sure to bring your camera.  Post your photos with #FieldOfLight. By popular request, Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio has been extended to January 3, 2021. Your photos will be a reminder of your visit to the exhibition for years to come.

Thank you for joining us behind the scenes. To learn about the life and career of artist Bruce Munro and his collection of work and current exhibition schedule, we invite you to visit his website.