American Wonders: California’s glowing “Field of Light”

CBS This Morning

Published July 23, 2019

Set in a hillside in the central California city of Paso Robles is an art installation called the “Field of Light.” It’s 15 acres filled with tiny light bulbs of vibrant colors — and it only comes alive for visitors when it’s dark outside.

At Sensorio, an immersive art venue in the area, more than 58,000 solar-powered spheres shimmer in Paso Robles’ fields. The installation is the work of British artist Bruce Munro.

“All I’d say to everybody is, “keep looking at nature, and all the answers are there for us to discover,” Munro said.

“It’s what the world needs right now,” said visitor Nancy Myers. “You see all the beautiful light and potential and possibility.”

Munro got the idea for the installation when he visited Uluru, Australia in 1992. Near ancient sandstone considered sacred to the indigenous peoples, Munro experienced a kind of revelation.

“I felt that… there was this sort of energy coming out of the floor of the desert,” he said. “That’s when I realized how you feel and expressing how you feel is really a very important part of art.”